Dino Removable Markers

Like a bookmark. But for knitting.


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For those who'd rather not take life too seriously. These cartoon-esque Dino Removable Markers come in a set of two and are made with shiny Kelly-green enamel. They're crazy and a little bit goofy but I like to think there's a little oddball dino deep inside all of us.

Ideal for marking the sides of a neckline before you pick up shoulder stitches or to pinpoint the underarm on a sweater worked flat. The gold coloured, stainless steel clasp attachment means you can hook the marker directly into your stitches and then remove it when you're done.

The spotty dino measures 3.3 cm tall x 2 cm wide (from tail tip to nose tip) x 2 mm deep.

The toothy rampaging dino  is 2.8 cm tall x 2.3 cm wide (from tail tip to nose tip) x 2 mm deep.

Both dinos are a plain gold colour on the reverse side.