Threaded Tattoos


The personal touch for your wardrobe


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There's clothing labels that we hide away inside a garment and then there's Threaded Tattoos for making a deeply personal statement that people see. Think of them as custom tattoos for your clothes and accessories.

They are totally customisable and don't have to be label size. Choose the fabric colour, the dimensions, thread colour and design (line drawings are best) for a very personal touch on your clothes, accessories or handmade gifts.

The sheer, woven Oksa fabric we use (made in Korea) doesn't have a grain so you can even have your sketch embroidered down the side of a length of fabric for cutting and sewing into sleeves, a skirt or pretty much anything else that you're sewing. Our team usually work with 36cm wide fabric but larger Oksa widths are available on request.

Your Design, Your Way: Customize your look with Threaded Tattoos. Choose the size and style that suits your vibe - it's like giving your clothes their own unique tattoo. Names, quotes, or symbols - your fashion, your rules.

Beyond Basics: Threaded Tattoos work their magic on bags, hats, jackets, sweaters and more to elevate a simple item into something really unique. Level up your second-hand finds, give a plain shirt some personality or add your favourite saying to your shoes.

No-Nonsense Craftsmanship: Made in Korea using 100% silk Oksa fabric. Oksa is traditionally used in sewing Hanbok and has incredible structure and stability yet is sheer enough to let the underlying fabric colour peek through. If you like a touch of drama in your wardrobe, this fabric is begging to be gathered and ruffled for 3D texture.

Manually vs Machine Sewn: Send us your line drawn design and choose whether you want it machine sewn or personally created by an award winning quilter in Korea. When we talk about quilting, we often think about piecing fabric together, but the top-stitching on a quilt is an art form in itself and this quilter has incredible talent when it comes to making art with stitches. She made most of the threaded tattoos you see here.

Machine sewn tattoos feature slightly thicker, more tactile stitching and are created from the digital file you send us. A quick and affordable option while manually sewn is made by a quilter replicating your design freehand on a machine. The stitching is fine, detailed and they'll work hard to replicate the hand-drawn style of your design. A true piece of art.

Pre-made Packs: Or you can choose from one of our pre-made designs which will be coming soon.

Shipping: All orders are sent from South Korea unless you order a pre-sewn pack and you live in NZ ... then it'll come from Nelson, NZ.

Care Instructions: Because the threaded tattoos are sewn on 100% silk, please hand wash or use the wool/delicates cycle on your washing machine. A neutral ph detergent is also recommended.

Watch this space for more details soon!