How to Bind Off Knitting

So you've made something special and you're ready to get it off your needles. Here's three ways you can bind off your stitches and call the project done.

Regular Bind Off

This is the most common bind off method and it'll work for most projects. If you find that your bind off is a little tight, you can redo it using a larger needle size or two.


Stretchy Bind Off

Great for items that need a stretchy edge like hats, socks and the hem or cuff on sweaters.



Creates a beautiful edge that looks like a horizontal row of French knitting. iCord has minimal stretch and is commonly made by working 3 or 4 stitches at a time. The more stitches used, the larger the iCord will be.

If you're knitting iCord in the round, you may also want to graft the ends together for a seamless finish.

Italian Bind Off

Uses the same techniques as Grafting (Kitchener) Stitch, this bind off is used on the edge of 1x1 ribbing to create a stretchy, rounded edge. The finish looks really professional and is worth the extra time it takes for a polished look.

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