Hello, I'm Katrina from Nelson, New Zealand and I'm really passionate about empowering others to create beautiful items.

My Dad taught me how to cast on and knit when I was a child. I think it's the one and only time I ever saw him pick up needles but that was all it took for the love of making to take hold. From there, I began knitting tiny sweaters for my Sylvanian Families and the love of DIY fashion took hold.

Since then I've had a stint as a sewing blogger (the site is sitting idle and neglected now but you can see my projects at Offsquare.com) which led to working for a sewing pattern company where I helped write pattern instructions and tutorials. I was hooked and quickly realised that knitting patterns was my next step. I wanted designs that could look store bought, timeless and tactile. So taking my skills in instruction and tutorial writing along with an understanding of garment construction from sewing (and the early years as a Sylvanian Family outfitter and subsequent garments for myself), I spent some time upskilling further before launching my first pattern in 2019.

I also believe our tools should be as beautiful as our yarn or patterns, so I've curated a range of functional and tactile items for your inner creative (and as plastic-free as possible). These orders are shipped from Nelson.

I know knitting isn't easy sometimes, so I'm not going to leave you hanging. Please message me if you're stuck or have any questions about techniques in my patterns.

Thanks for choosing Purl Foundry and I hope you get many years of enjoyment from each garment you create. If you ever have a question, please get in touch!

Katrina x

These patterns are made in New Zealand and handcrafted by you.