Knitting patterns to keep you cosy this winter

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Gather Sleeve Cardi Pattern

Seamless cardi with gathered sleeve details

$9.00 USD

Fingerless gloves for winter

Albizia Gloves Knitting Pattern

Fingerless Gloves for cosy hands

$8.00 USD

A green hand knit beanie laying flat and surrounded by shoes, clothes, knitting needles and a cup of coffee

Broken Rib Hat Pattern

The ultimate stash-busting beanie pattern.

$8.00 USD

Cable and lace PDF knitting pattern

Cable Bay Sweater Pattern

Drop shoulder sweater with cables and lace

$9.00 USD

A hand knit sweater with mesh and cable sleeves

Cable Mesh Sweater Pattern

Drop shoulder sweater with mesh detail

$9.00 USD

Possum yarn knitting pattern

Deep Raglan Pattern

Raglan sweater with deep sleeves and balloon cuffs

$9.00 USD

Woman wearing a two toned, mohair cardigan

Duo Tone Cardigan Pattern

Seamless raglan cardigan

$9.00 USD

Finding Calm Scarf Pattern

Free scarf pattern in collaboration with Anxiety NZ

Young woman wearing a blue hand knit sweater with all over lace detail. Her hand is gently positioned under her chin.

Holey Moley Sweater Pattern

Drop shoulder sweater with all over lace and balloon sleeves

$9.00 USD

Cosy hand knit ribbed socks

Linear Socks Pattern

Unisex socks for warm toes on cold floors

$8.00 USD

Bomber cardigan

Love Bomber Pattern

A chunky oversized cardigan with balloon cuffs

$9.00 USD

Boy wearing hand knitted fingerless gloves

Mini Albizia Gloves Pattern

Fingerless gloves for little hands

$8.00 USD

Mini Love Bomber with Hood

Mini Love Bomber Expansion Pack

Take your Mini Love Bomber to the next level.

$3.50 USD

Hand knit cardigan for children with a heart motif on the back

Mini Love Bomber Pattern

Chunky knit bomber cardi for kids

$9.00 USD

Children's hand knit dress

PelongPelong Dress Pattern

Cute little dress for children aged 1-10 years old.

$9.00 USD

A soft cable on the sleeve of a pink, hand knit, mohair sweater that was hand knit. The pattern is available for purchase.

Plait Sleeve Sweater Pattern

Seamless drop shoulder sweater with softly cabled sleeves

$9.00 USD

This sweater looks easy enough for beginners

Stipple Sweater Pattern

Drop shoulder sweater with all-over moss stitch.

$9.00 USD

Young woman wearing a grey and silver marled, hand knit sweater

The Simple Sweater Pattern

Simple drop shoulder sweater

$9.00 USD

Snowflake detail on the crown of a cream coloured, hand knit hat. It was made using a PDF knitting pattern called Wavy Cable Hat.

Wavy Cable Hat Pattern

Cable hat with snowflake detail at the crown

$8.00 USD