Mini Love Bomber Expansion Pack

Take your Mini Love Bomber to the next level.


$3.50 USD


Introducing ... the Mini Love Bomber Expansion Pack!

There’s nothing better than a pattern you can make over and over again, but have each version look unique. This expansion pack contains bonus content for customising your original Mini Love Bombers.

• Add a hood with optional ears 
• Two new motifs for the back panel
• Write a message to the world or
• Design your own motif 
... you’re the boss!

Please note: This pack is designed to be used as a supplement for the Mini Love Bomber pattern. This doesn't include the full garment instructions, so you’ll also need a copy of that pattern to use this expansion pack. The gauge, needle sizes and type of yarn used are all the same as specified there.

If you're knitting the hood with ears, you'll need an additional 100m to the original pattern requirements.


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