Cast On

Learn how to get started

Knit and Purl

The fundamentals of knitting

A flatlay of knitting tools eg needle tips, scissors, needle gauge, cord and a PDF pattern on a mobile phone

Bind Off

Finish your knitting


The how and why of gauge


How to increase stitches


How to decrease stitches


How to knit cables

Weave in Ends

Tidy up the loose ends ... invisibly


How to steam block

Fixing Mistakes

How to fix errors in your knitting

Short Rows

How to knit short rows


How to knit bobbles

Pelongpelong Story

The story behind the Pelongpelong knitting pattern

Circular Needles

Are they measured with or without needle tips?

History of Knitting

Who started it and where did it originate?

Right side and wrong side

What is the right side (RS) and wrong side (WS) in knitting?

Wearing handknit socks with legs crossed on a wooden floor. Holding a cup of tea.


How to Graft (Kitchener Stitch)