How to Knit Cables

Cable knitting is a technique in which stitches are crossed over each other to create a twisted, braided effect in the fabric. Cables are often used to add visual interest and texture to knitted garments and accessories, but the thicker, denser fabric adds warmth too. The wives of old fishermen knew a thing or too about keeping their men warm at sea with those intricately cabled sweaters.

For many knitters, cable knitting is a fun and challenging technique that can provide a sense of accomplishment when mastered. The process of working cables requires concentration and attention to detail, making it a rewarding skill to learn and practice.

Below is a list of all the cable abbreviations that you'll find in my patterns and video tutorials for each one. Essentially, it's only a question of whether your stitches are held at the front or the back of your work, how many are held and how many are knitted from your left needle.

1/1 LC (left cross) cable

1/1 LCp (left cross in purl stitch) cable

1/1 RC (right cross) cable

1/1 RCp (right cross in purl stitch) cable

1/2 LC (left cross) cable

1/2 RC (right cross) cable

2/1 LC (left cross) cable

2/1 RC (right cross) cable

3/3 LC (left cross) cable

3/3 RC (right cross) cable

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