Wild Earth Yarn

In 2023 I ran a one-day pop up shop at Get Flocked in Christchurch. It was a blast and I met some beautiful knitters who shared humour, snacks, projects and techniques during my time there. Notably, one knitter had just finished a stunning yellow cardigan in Ashley 4ply yarn by Wild Earth Yarns and I was smitten. The yarn is so soft and it has this gentle fuzz that blurs the stitches slightly as if there was a hint of mohair included. As you'd expect in a room of knitters, the cardigan was squished, touched and patted in adoration as we celebrated her success and I can't help but appreciate that we're all so tactile. You know you're in a room of like-minded people when the personal space bubbles fall away!

I wish I suited that warm, golden yellow but sadly it's not doing this cool-toned gal any favours. The green is much more up my alley though with its' rich yet slightly muted shade. Anyone else super picky about colours?

Of course, I promptly bought some and it didn't even have time to be added to the stash before being cast on. This is becoming a cardigan pattern that I can't wait to share but you'll have to wait just a little longer. I need to photograph it, get it tech edited and then run some testing but I think you'll love it as much as I do.

Watch this space!

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