Balloon Animal Removable Markers


Like a bookmark. But for knitting.



$8.00 USD

Removable markers for knitters who enjoy a bit of fun. These cartoon-esque balloon animal removable markers come in a set of three and are made with zinc alloy metal.

Available in three different colourways:

  • Pastel set = light blue, muted mint and light pink
  • Bold set = cool red, bright yellow and rich orange
  • Fresh set = crisp white, hunter green and mid purple

Or buy all three sets for a discount.

Ideal for marking the sides of a neckline before you pick up shoulder stitches or to pinpoint the underarm on a sweater worked flat. The silver coloured, stainless steel clasp attachment means you can hook the marker directly into your stitches and then remove it when you're done.

Each balloon animal measures approx 2 cm wide x 2 cm tall x 0.5 cm thick.