Cedar Blocks

Keep moths away from your stored knits and yarn



From $4.60 USD

Repel moths and insects naturally with these Himalayan Cedar blocks. This wood has a beautiful scent that deters moths and protects your stored knits or yarn/fabric stash from damage. Simply sand the wood down each year to keep the scent flowing. No chemicals. No waste. Just beautiful timber smells.

Himalayan Cedar essential oils are also known to reduce anxiety and promote good sleep, which is great news if you're keeping these blocks in your bedroom. The smell is best described as zesty like pine but with a hint of lime and deep woody, earthy tones.

This untreated Himalayan Cedar is locally sourced and milled in Nelson. Originally from a historic tree in the area that was felled due to safety reasons, most of the timber was used to build a shed and these offcuts were salvaged just for you. Because the Himalayan Cedar isn't a NZ native and isn't commercially grown, supply comes from private land owners in the area wishing to remove a tree. I'll do my best to keep these blocks in stock, but supply can't always be guaranteed.

Each block is approx 7cm x 5.5cm x 2cm, similar to a block of soap. Because they are hand cut and sanded, there may be some slight variance in measurements by about half a cm. Comes beautifully wrapped and packaged. To use them, simply unwrap and scatter the blocks among your garments or yarn/fabric stash.