Needle Tip Joiners

A new way to store your interchangeable needle tips.



From $6.80 USD

Finally, a simple and affordable way to store your interchangeable tips! Keep your needle tips together using these double ended screws to store them end-on-end. Fits KnitPro or Lykke tips, or your money back.

Store the tips easily in a jar, needle box or even a pencil case (depending on the length of your tips and the pencil case size). No more plastic packaging or bulky storage bags, plus you can utilise items you already have at home for storage. Sometimes simple really is better.

Brass colour and made with carbon steel. Each joiner measures 1.5cm x 0.5cm and the thread runs in opposite directions so you can free the needle tips by turning them away from each other. Comes to you in a set of 5 or 10 joiners and are lovingly wrapped in tissue paper inside a cardboard envelope. Needle tips and needle gauge not included.


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