Wood and Resin Removable Markers

Like a bookmark. But for knitting



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There's two kinds of stitch markers in this world: Markers that move with your knitting from row to row, and markers that stay in one place while you knit. This marker works in both situations, but really shines when you need a 'stay in one place' kind of marker.

Perfect for marking the sides of a neckline before you pick up shoulder stitches or to pinpoint the underarm on a sweater worked flat. The clasp attachment means you can hook the marker directly into your stitches and then remove it when you're done.

Features wood and resin inlaid with metallic coloured flecks, paired with a stainless sleep clasp.

Available in gold or silver colours and comes to you as a pair.

12mm wide x 39mm long x 3mm thick (including clasp).  Wood and resin portion (excluding clasp) is 9mm wide x 23mm long x 3mm thick. Due to the random nature of the flecks and the wood grain, your item may look slightly different from the photo.