Monstera Needle Gauge

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Helps identify what size your knitting needles are


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This adorable monstera-shaped needle gauge is proudly made in New Zealand from cherry plywood.

Fits needles ranging from 2mm - 10mm in size and uses both mm and US sizing. Comes with a suede cord so you can hang the gauge from your knitting bag or attach it to other loved knitting tools.

Due to the nature of timber, the colouring and grain of each gauge will vary slightly from the photo. Each gauge is unique - just like you.

What's a needle gauge?

Some knitting needles don't have the size printed on them, so a needle gauge is designed to help you identify what size they are. It's a super handy tool that every knitter should have in the arsenal. To use this gauge, simply poke the needle into the holes in the gauge. The smallest size hole that the needle fits into, is the size that corresponds to your needle.

The needle gauge measures 8 cm long x 7.5 cm wide x 3 mm thick.


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